Leadership Information: The Hall of Fame of Services

On May 2008, Bro. Ato Frempong was retired as the Evangelism Leader of the Campus ministry. He now serve as the student president as James Madison University. On October 2009, He also became the new Richmond District PENSA president overseering the church in Richmond, Norfolk, Lynchburg and Harrisonburg PENSA.- This is the Timothy of this generation, young but full of the grace and the power of Christ. He is a man of GOD. serve since 2007

On May 2008, Mrs. Roselove Nunoo (now Asare) was retired as the Praise and Worship leader, transferred to the city of Shenadonah. Started with two people to lead praise and worship to a family of united voices. She is a pillar of worship and prayer. God Bless you for your service - serve since 2007

On May 2009,  Mr. Eugene Asare was retired as the Friday Bible studies leader. Transferred to the city of Shenadonah. Devoted his home for the children of God to study the bible. I man who loves to know God.  God Bless you for your service - serve since 2006

On May 2009, Ms. Rhoda Wiafe was retired as the 1st Prayer Leader in the Church. A woman of prayer who can find. She is that woman who earns and seek the face of God thru prayer.  God bless you for your services.

On August 2009, Deacon Caleb Owusu retired as the Co- Administrator of the Lynchburg PENSA Campus ministry. He is one of the main instrument the Lord used to establish this great church of the Lord. His committment, and passion to see others saved for the Lord is a blessing. He is a man of God. God Bless you for your service.- serve since 2006

On September 2009, Mr. Allen Appiah Boateng was retired as the Bible studies Coordinator. Transferred to Austin Texas to continue the Lord's work. This is a man of integrity, and man seeking to glorify God. God bless you for your service. - serve since 2007

On February 21st,  2010, Ms. Mabel Prempeh was retired  as the First General secretary and Financial leader of the Church. God bless you for your service.- serve since2006. She handed over the vision to Sis. Betina Ofori

On February 21st, 2010, Deacon Yaw Osei Owusu was retired as the First Student President of the Church. He served for 3 blessing years. God bless you for your services. David loved to worship God, but in this generation, this mighty man is a true worshipper for Christ.- serve since 2006. He handed over the vision to Bro. Kwame Jackson

On May 13th, 2012, Mrs. Evelyn Akuamoah Boateng  was honored as the First Ushering Ministry leader of the Church. Her retired date was officially in September of 2011. God bless you for your dedication and services and leading in establishing this ministry.She was a great pillar and woman of vision for the vineyardShe hand the work over to Ms Amazing Grace Danso in 2011.

On May 13th 2012 Bro. Emmanuel Asante was honored as the Prayer Ministry Leader of the church. His retirement official date was in September 2011. He was a man of prayer and a prophet of his generation. He handed over the vision to bro. Raymond Kangogo in 2011.

On May 13th 2012, Mrs. Belinda Aboagye was honored as the Bible Studies Leader of the church. Her retirement official date occurred September of 2011. She was a woman who loved the word and the gathering of people to hear the word of God. She handed the vision to bro. Kwadwo Asante in 2011.

On May 13th 2012, Sis Betina Ofori was honored as the Second General secretary of the church, which she lead from 2010 to the end of 2011. She also lead the evangelism from 2008 to 2010 as the second evangelism leader of the church. May God also honor you as man has honor you for your unfailing love and passion to the advancement of God's Kingdom. She moved to North Carolina to complete his masters in nursing. She handed over the evangelism ministry in 2010 to Sis. Jessica Oware. and in 2012 handed over the vision of general secretary to Sis. Amazing Grace Danso.

On May 13th 2012, Bro. Kwame Jackson Yeboah was honored as the Praise and Worship leader since 2008 to 2010 and the vice student president from 2009 to 2010. He is a man of intergrity, a man who has demonstrated growth in the presences of God, and anointed with the word of God for services. He continue to serve after all the above, an in 2010 He carried the church as the second student president of the church.

On May 13th 2012, Bro. Emmanuel Kwarfo was honored as the 3rd vice student president from 2010 to 2011, and also for his leadership in the bible studies. He is a teacher of the Word and a leader of vision and intergrity. May God bless you for your services.

On Feb. 28th Mr. Aboagye was sworn in as the second General financial leader of the Church.

On October 14, 2011, Sister Dominique Danquah took over the position as the new Praise and Worship leader after serving actively in the ministry for over 2 years.

Jessica Oware Elected into this ministry leadership on 03/2010 as interim leader. Took over full leadership role on October 14, 2011.

On February 2010, Ms. Brenda Ofori was sworn in as the leader for the Dance ministry (Divinity of Praise). She will also serve as the acting General secretary of the Church.

On January 2009, Ms. Kandie was sworn in as the Health ministry leader.

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