Divinity of Praise
Leader: Brenda Ofori

Have you ever found yourself in church, thrilled by the praise and just felt like screaming and praising God, or ever felt like just taking your heels off at church to dance, or just jumping with the unfeasible intention of reaching the skies, or throwing your hands around to demonstrate the extent of your joy? This then is what the Lynchburg Pensa Dance Ministry is about. Even though we sure do not jump to touch the skies, we trust that our praise reaches the Heavens. We do not only praise and worship our Maker with a dance but with all that is within us; With what we are made of, we feel the need to express ourselves the way we do; both liturgical and praise dances. With hands lifted up, with feet on and off the ground, with songs on our lips and with devotedness we are remembering the Lord in the days of our youth; we proclaim how far the Lord has brought us! We have all had our shares of ups and downs but when you see us move it is because

He (GOD) turned our mourning into dancing… (Psalm 30:11) 

  August 2018  
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